Who is Arezoo...




Born in 1964

1974  Became interested in art

1975  First solo exhibition of painting with coal and pencil with father's help in the officer's club

1976  First swimming competition at the age of 12 began taking water color lessons 

1978  First solo water color exhibition 

1982  Married at the age of 18 

1982  Graduated from Shahdokht High School in Mashhad

1983  Began taking oil painting lessons 

1984  Sold first oil painting for 100000 Rials

1986  Solo exhibition of oil paintings

1988  Began making and arranging artificial flowers

1990  Took lessons in flower arranging, Los Angeles, California

1992  Obtained Floral Design and Arrangement certificate from  Fani Herfeyee in applied art and technology, Mashhad, Khorasan

1993  Obtained swimming coach certificate and started working in "Hashemi  Nejad" swimming center

1993  Obtained swimming tournament referee certificate

1994  Established the first legal institute of floral design and painting in different materials. Khorasan, Mashhad,  under the name of Gole Gandom

1994  Began instructing painting to childeren as well as instructing floral design

1994  Began studying literature at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad

1996  Exhibited solo oil painting sale in Los Angeles, California

1998  Graduated with B.A. from Ferdowsi University

1998  Exhibited solo oil painting sale in Los Angeles, California

2000  Obtained the life guard Certificate

2001  Worked as a life guard and swimming coach at Kosar Swimming Center

2003  Worked at Astane Ghodse Razavi Swimming Center


Art has always been a significant part of my being, a driving force of my inherent nature. It had been a key component in focusing my thoughts and a common thread in concentration and quieting the mind.  It allows me to delve into my emotions and define who I am through paint and canvas.

This love started in childhood and continues to evolve and develop. I had my first exhibition of drawings in pencil and coal at the age of ten in Mashhad Officer's Club. My father, who was a senior army officer in pre- revolution of Iran, recognized my inclination towards art and has remained a source of inspiration and encouragement in my career as an artist.

Of course all my experiences have shaped me and my style has been developed by the combination of great artists such as: George Pierre Seurat, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Vincent VanGogh, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet but, I found my true calling after being exposed to the work of John Singer Sargent. 

I encountered pointilism with juxtaposing small strokes of pure pigment to create the form which was so amazing to me. It required complete concentration and consequently, astute focus that curtailed my daily life.

As I progressed towards the abstract art I found it so intriguing. Now this art was speaking to me since I loved creation and learned to create with all my soul, mind and heart.

Abstract art brought to life my overflowing emotions and thoughts and tapped into my soul, mind and heart. Some of my creations captured a single moment in time like a unique performance unfolding on a lonely canvas. From a combination of sketches and layers, sprang a style that I feel is uniquely my own. I began to understand the main focal point of my art and the reasons lines need to respect thefoundation of the piece. While this discovery was taking place, I was let to Seraut's style because of the artist's infusion of joy in his work.  Although my formal study at Ferdowsi University was in Western Literature, I have always considered painting the most sophisticated form of communication. A single stroke of the artist's brush carries volumes of prose and represents a piece of the artist’s soul.